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Instanet Solutions has begun providing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year live TOLL FREE phone and chat support to all PRDS users. This new industry leading support level is being provided at no charge.

PRDS users can expect reliable and professional toll free service 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the Instanet Solutions support number you already use on your PRDS page, (800) 668-8768. All calls will be answered within one minute. Calls will be recorded to ensure call quality.

The new support specialists have been trained on virtually every aspect of the system, its features and common tech support inquiries. Of course, transitioning to a new service system may have some challenges. In order to ensure the highest first call resolution, a larger than usual team of experienced Instanet Solutions staff will be working to assist the support specialists off site, as needed.

In the meantime, email support will be answered from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Email support will transition to 24/7 in the next few weeks.

Instanet Solutions provides PRDS with a solid platform for technology growth. Users can load the complete library of PRDS forms, as well as their individual company forms. Editing can be done online and sent out electronically.

PRDS Forms are an extensive line of REALTOR®-created paper and online forms for residential purchase and sales transactions. These forms are available online free of charge as a member benefit to all REALTOR® members of SILVAR and the San Mateo County Association of REALTORS® (SAMCAR). The PRDS Forms library is simple and easy to use, up-to-date, and prints on plain paper.

SILVAR is happy to announce great news and another free benefit for members. Instanet has officially released tablet support. PRDS subscribers are now able to log in to create transactions, forms and edit forms just like you currently do using your desktop or laptop. You can access PRDS Forms on Instanet on popular Apple, Windows and Android-based tablet devices such as the iPad/iPad2, Xoom, Galaxy, Playbook and others at no additional charge. 

Instanet’s approach has been to make its site “tablet friendly,” rather than require users to learn an entirely new interface and download an app for a certain device. The goal is to provide as many features as possible on as many devices as possible.

As a current PRDS/Instanet user, all you need to do is log into your existing Instanet account through your tablet browser and you will automatically be accessing the new version. There is no new software to install or apps to download.

Most system functions will already work on the tablet. As Instanet makes more features “tablet ready,” it will give SILVAR updates for users. Instanet will also post a system message for users logging in on tablets, so they are aware of the updates.

PRDS and Instanet Solutions are pleased to bring this mobile technology to SILVAR members.

October 2021


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