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The California Association of REALTORS® is alerting members about a fraudulent email that has been sent to several REALTOR® members from around the state asking them to wire their delinquent REALTOR® 2019 dues. In these reported cases, the email with the subject line “2019 Dues Deadline – LAST CALL” came from a email address.

If you have received such a message, please DO NOT respond to it. It is likely that the sender is phishing for your financial information, or seeking information for other phishing attempts later.

Valid emails regarding your dues should come from your REALTOR® Association’s email address. If you have paid your 2019 dues, please completely disregard the spam email. If you have not paid your 2019 dues, or are not sure if you have, please contact your REALTOR® Association.


According to the Chinese calendar, 2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig, and unlike last year’s Year of the Earth or Mountain Dog, which was a year of highs and lows, market volatility, political and economic chaos and protectionism, the Year of the Earth Pig will bring a progressive business climate, more compromise and concessions. Unlike the Mountain Dog that doesn’t back off, the Earth Pig is gentle, cherishes friendships, takes responsibility seriously and is willing to compromise, according to prominent astrologer, fortune teller and Feng Shui Master Y.C. Sun.

Sun told members of the Silicon Valley Association REALTORS® that this year will bring an energy change that will impact people’s behavior and thinking. People will tend to make a change, such as relocation, job change, commute or go abroad for job or travel.

Investments will increase as will company mergers, buyouts, joint ventures or expansions. This year will be good for real estate as inventory will increase. Parents will encourage and help their high-tech, healthcare and MBA children buy their first home or upgrade to more ideal homes. The market should experience a temporary rejuvenation and home sales activity should pick up by June.

Sun said this year will be a productive year for real estate, but also a critical year which could define the next three years for agents. This year agents need to show their value. Also, because the pig likes to compromise, expect subprime mortgages to surface, but they will be better structured than in the past.

Sun predicts an end to the U.S.-China trade war, with a final deal struck in June. He predicts President Trump will do well, especially in the first two weeks of March, though clashes between him and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will continue. Sun explained Pelosi, born in 1940, is a Dragon, and Trump, born in 1946, is a Dog. Dogs and Dragons clash in the Chinese Zodiac and can’t tolerate each other.

Jobs and businesses in demand this year are information technology, software and high tech hardware engineers, data scientists, drug production, particularly in cannabis and health care. There will be intense competition in the restaurant business, in electronics, computers, solar energy, entertainment.

Sun predicts the economy will start to stabilize in late August. The stock market will still be volatile, but there will be signs of rejuvenation in mid-August.

The pig can also be naïve and believe in easy money schemes. “Remember that there is no free money,” warned Sun.

The Feng Shui master and astrologer added this year people should avoid overindulging on high fat, high cholesterol foods and junk food. Health problems could revolve around the spleen, kidney, intestines, eczema, gastroenterology, urinary tract, reproductive organs, cold, flu, and swine fever virus.


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