On Feb. 25, SILVAR members enjoyed the Global Business Council Potluck, which featured an array of ethnic dishes provided by members and guests. Along with the good food and networking, members received information about global real estate, shared their experiences in this field of real estate, and offered tips on how to connect with foreign buyers. They also received information on how best to utilize Proxio, a new membership benefit for SILVAR REALTOR® members.

Special guest Sateesh Lele, vice chair of the California Association of REALTORS® Global Real Estate Forum, shared information from the Forum’s presentation at the C.A.R. Business Meetings in San Diego. Lele indicated Florida, California, Texas and Arizona continue to be the leading destinations for international buyers, while Canada, China, India, Mexico and the U.K. are home to majority of international buyers.

Davena Gentry, chair of the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS® Global Business Council, said even as home prices are appreciating, the US. is still relatively inexpensive in cost of living and housing, offering value, diversification, stability, and size. She shared information from a March 2013 CNBC article that indicated in Hong Kong, for example, the average property prices in the fourth quarter of 2012 ranged from $4,570 – $5,050 per sq. ft.

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