At its February 26 meeting, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted to postpone a discussion on eliminating Propositions 90 and 110 in San Mateo County.

For over 20 years Propositions 90 and 110 have created a pathway for senior citizens (those over 55) and the disabled to move into San Mateo County. The current law states that a senior citizen or disabled individual can transfer their base tax rate from another county when they buy a home in San Mateo County, as long as the new home is of an equal or lesser value.

Without notice to SILVAR or neighboring San Mateo County Association of REALTORS® (SAMCAR), the San Mateo County Manager placed the proposal to eliminate propositions 90 and 110 on the supervisors’ agenda for the February 26 meeting. Though only made public on Thursday, February 21, SILVAR was able to mobilize REALTORS® to quickly respond by emailing the San Mateo County supervisors and letting them know their opposition to the proposal to repeal the propositions. SILVAR’s Government Affairs team also reached out to each member of the Board of Supervisors to express its concern.

SILVAR would like to thank all who responded to the Call for Action email. Over 70 REALTORS® who live in San Mateo County sent emails to the supervisors. Additionally, several REALTORS® from SILVAR and SAMCAR attended the Tuesday Board of Supervisors meeting.

Although the supervisors listened and took the item off the agenda at their Tuesday meeting, members need to remain vigilant because the issue has not gone away. It is highly likely that the item will be placed back on their agenda in the near future.

SILVAR is seeking individuals who can testify about the important role Propositions 90 or 110 played for a client in buying a home in San Mateo County. If you have a story, please contact SILVAR Government Affairs Director Jessica Epstein at (408) 200-0108 or email