The PRDS Forms Committee has a revised Supplemental Seller’s Checklist (“SSC”). The revisions are intended to make the form more user-friendly and to assist sellers in making a full and complete disclosure of those material facts impacting the value or desirability of a property. These latest revisions make the form much easier for sellers to understand and use.

SILVAR will be offering a course soon on these revisions and disclosure issues that relate to both the SSC and the Transfer Disclosure Statement (“TDS”). In the meantime, SILVAR REALTOR® members can check out the August 2012 issue of the Silicon Valley REALTOR®, SILVAR’s monthly newspaper, which includes a detailed explanation of the revisions provided by SILVAR board attorney and PRDS Forms Committee member Dave Hamerslough.

PRDS Forms is an extensive line of paper and online forms for residential purchase and sales transactions. These forms are available online free of charge as a member benefit to all SILVAR (Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®) and SAMCAR (San Mateo County Association of REALTORS®) REALTOR® members. The online version of the forms is an extremely robust and intuitive platform that is far easier to use than other platforms. Created by REALTORS® for REALTORS®, these forms are highly acclaimed, and have been heavily used for over 25 years by listing agents from leading offices in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula.

The Standard Forms Committee, which is composed of 25 members from SILVAR and SAMCAR, meets every other week and works very hard to make sure all forms are current and reflective of local practice. The revised PRDS Supplemental Seller’s Checklist is a product of the committee’s work and efforts to continually get educated about recent laws passed and requirements in surrounding areas, take the information and input it into the forms.

REALTOR® members may access the new PRDS SCC form online free of charge by visiting