Mark Burns and Minh Ngo, executive director of CEEF, show members the sign that can be placed on the yard of property they sell that shows they support the schools when they participate in the sign rider program.

The Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation (CEEF) thanks SILVAR and members of the Cupertino/Sunnyvale District for their longtime support for the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD).  CEEF supports public education for students by working in partnership with CUSD, parents, and the community to raise funds for educational programs beyond what is possible through federal and state funding.

At yesterday’s district tour meeting, CEEF executive director Minh Ngo thanked members for supporting “An Evening of Aloha,” a gala held recently to honor CUSD’s Teachers of the Year. The gala raised $75,000 for the schools. As a result of the community’s generosity, each of the district’s 25 school sites will be granted $3,000 for music, arts, and technology programs.

Due to cuts in state and federal funding, the past few years have been rough for the schools, said Ngo. Although a parcel tax passed last year, that money cannot fund badly needed building and ground improvements at the schools. Ngo said CEEF is working very closely with CUSD and gearing up for a bond measure campaign this summer. Details about the measure are still being finalized.

Ngo said even if CUSD is the second lowest funded school district in the state, the support around the schools is unique. “There is an entire culture of support around education,” said Ngo. “Almost every individual has high expectations and rallies around the students, which in turn makes them outperform because of the support they receive.”

REALTORS® support the schools by participating in the Cupertino/Sunnyvale District’s sign rider program. REALTORS® can donate $250 of their commission for every property they sell in the school district. Signs that say they support the schools are then placed on the yards of homes they sell. REALTORS® also support sign rider programs for the Sunnyvale and Santa Clara school districts.

Mark Burns said supporting the schools is a way to give back to the community, since the quality of the school district is important for REALTORS® selling property. “Helping the schools helps all of us,” said Burns.