Buying property in Silicon Valley makes perfect sense, according to Referral Realty broker Moise Nahouraii. Nahouraii recently showed SILVAR members why.

Nahouraii said in addition to the advantages of historic low mortgage interest rates, low home prices and high rents, property appreciates in Silicon Valley three times more than anywhere else in the state. The top three industries leading the country out of the recession are high tech, energy and medical industries, which all exist in Silicon Valley.

“Land here is gold!” exclaimed Nahouraii.

Additionally, in a survey of Silicon Valley CEOs, 84 percent considered housing as a top problem in the region; 67 percent said the cost of housing was one the most pressing challenges. Majority of respondents want government to approve more affordable housing.

This is the best time to invest in real estate in Silicon Valley because rents are rising because of high demand due to foreclosures, short sales, unemployment, damaged credit, loss of stocks, increased debt, stringent loan qualifications by lenders, lack of down payment for a home, etc. Nahouraii showed bargain properties on the MLS and illustrated how purchasing a single-family home (self-managed) and multi-unit property (self-managed) could generate a positive cash flow for an investor.

“Investment should carry itself because you could lose your job tomorrow. You have the most stability in Silicon Valley than anywhere else,” said Nahouraii.