After providing significant support behind an opposition campaign against Measure Q in Saratoga, SILVAR is pleased the measure proposing a two-story height limit for commercial and office property appears doomed.

The article, written by Joe Rodriguez of the Mercury News, concludes there are still ballots to be counted, but the measure is essentially headed for defeat. Rodriguez questions whether this would mean the Village “could grow taller than the town’s majestic redwood trees, and would development and increased traffic harm the surrounding neighborhoods,” as proponents of the measure fear.

Not so, says Councilman Chuck Page. Page, who won re-election and opposed the measure, says in the article that a previous 35-foot building height remains in effect and would prevent high-rise developments.

“The planning commission isn’t going to let anyone build to the max,” Page said in the article. “We have to do everything smartly and retain the character of the town, which is what everyone wants.”

Measure Q’s defeat is a huge victory for businesses and property owners in Saratoga!